Two more defibrillators for Burscough

The defibrillator has been registered on The Circuit which is connected to North West Ambulance Service. To help save a life ring 999 the emergency telephone number and they will give you our unique code which will enable access to the equipment. The defibrillator is easy to use press the on button and the device will talk you through the steps. If the casualty has a pulse, the defibrillator will not work as it would not be required and therefore cannot harm the casualty.

THANK YOU TO PURELYPIZZA for allowing the Town Council to link into their electricity supply when the outside temperature drops below freezing.

There will be further training sessions organised, if anyone would like the training, please contact the Town Council office to register your interest.

Richmond Avenue

Burscough, L40 7RD

Manor Road

Burscough, L40 7TN

Purley Piza

41 Liverpool Road North,
Burscough,  L40 0SA